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Think “office” and what springs to mind? It might be a vibrant coworking space, a quiet hum of productivity tucked away in a business park, or it might be your office at home.

Now for something completely different.

How about an office overlooking the Henry VIII Gate to Windsor Castle? That’s the view you can enjoy at Castle Hill House, one of our beautiful Georgian office buildings.

From here, you can gaze out of your window to the famous gates and take a lunchtime or after-work stroll along the much-loved Long Walk. This tree-lined avenue stretches for three miles between the castle’s George IV Gateway and the magnificent Copper Horse statue.

Of course, Castle Hill House isn’t just a great place to explore British history.

Inside, you’ll find contemporary workspaces that belie the building’s historic exterior and ornate period touches. The workspace itself is designed with everything a modern business needs to thrive, including ergonomic furniture, high-speed Internet, and elegant meeting rooms.

This blend of period charm and cutting-edge technology makes every Inigo office unique.

Ancient history beneath your feet

Another great example is Blackwell House in London.

This impressive Edwardian building sits within Guildhall Yard in the City of London. Its name comes from Blackwell Hall, a trade hall which stood nearby from the 13th century and served as a marketplace for international trade in wool and cloth.

Blackwell Hall stood for centuries until 1820 when it was demolished to make way for the nearby Guildhall Courts of Law. Blackwell House was later built in 1905.

The site has more stories to tell. In 1988, during excavations for a new Art Gallery building project, the remains of an incredible Roman amphitheatre – the only one in the capital – were discovered beneath Guildhall Yard.

Next time you visit the area, look out for the black circle laid into the stone of Guildhall Yard, which indicates where the amphitheatre once stood. You can also visit the remains of the amphitheatre through the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Your workspace, your choice

An office is a personal choice. You can find a place to sit and work virtually anywhere – but when you’re looking for a place to nurture and grow your business, you’ll choose a workspace for specific reasons.

Of course, the priorities are usually practical in nature – like strong WiFi, flexibility, and a good location.

But often, when you walk into a building, you’ll feel something that creates a special connection. Whether that’s because of the views from the window, the famous walks outside your door, or the history beneath your feet, certain workspaces offer much, much more than a place to park your laptop.

At Inigo, we have a special collection of offices in magnificent buildings, each with its own history and stories to tell. And yet despite the passing of decades, even centuries, every building offers a high-specification workspace that matches today’s fast-paced business needs.

Why not take a closer look at our offices? Contact our team and pop in for a tour to see for yourself. We have seven locations across England and Scotland, all based on the same ethos of a distinctive period building with a contemporary workspace in a premium location.

Better still, we have a friendly team ready and waiting to greet you. We’ll happily divulge our historical secrets, too! Get in touch.