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We want to ensure the service we provide is as transparent and seamless as possible, and that’s why we’ve crafted this comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Should you have additional questions or require further assistance, our support team is just a call away.


We provide a fully functioning front desk in each Centre to help In-house, Virtual and Ad hoc clients. The team can help with as much or as little as you like.

In-House Office

Each company will have their own secure network to connect to as we understand how important security is to any size of company. We can also help with your initial set up by giving you the IP range information that you might need to network in your equipment.

We provide fully furnished offices so you won’t need to bring anything. However, if there’s that desk lamp you’ve fallen in love with or you have Aunt Maud’s prized computer stand then of course you can. Anything larger is at the Centre Manager’s discretion.

Inigo aim to accommodate clients however we are able to, if we have spare offices then in house clients are kept in the loop just in case their business needs change. Your licence agreement would just change in line with the new suite/price.

Everyone in your office receives keys and alarm codes to allow for 24/7 access.

We normally ask for a deposit to the value of one month’s licence fee to secure your office, along with the first month’s fee payable prior to your move in date.

Virtual Office

There are no specific set up costs we only ask for a deposit to the value of your monthly services.

One to five days is the usual set up time, but this does depend on how quickly references get back to us.

As our telephone systems are based in-house and are quick and simple to set up this is a service we regularly provide over the holiday season.

Meeting Rooms

This is Centre specific but something which can be discussed when you are enquiring. Our standard opening times are 08:30-17:30 in London and 09:00-17:30 for all other Centres, however we are able to provide services outside of these times.

Yes certainly. Just contact the Centre you would like to hold your meeting in so availability may be checked and they can go through the booking procedure with you.

There is and this is included in the price of your meeting room. The password will be given to you on entry.

We can provide anything from a cup of tea to a three course evening meal. A little warning is essential though.